APM Servicios Náuticos - Wood treatments

At APM Servicios Náuticos we are experts in the application of different wooden treatments for boats in Mallorca. Our goal is to get your boat to extend its durability and useful life.


We are talking about a material, wood, that offers many possibilities and that, independently of the myths, it adapts very well to water and is resistant to the fact that it means being in constant contact with the sea and withstanding the impacts of waves. Our experience is an endorsement, as demonstrated by some of our work.


There are different types of varnishes and oils on the market, designed to nourish and protect wood such as oil for tropical woods, for teak, polyurethane varnishes and polyurethane and acrylic mixture -gloss and satin-. Obviously, the treatment will depend on the type of wood with which the cover is made.


In the case of marine-grade plywood, whose sheets are joined with water-resistant glue, they need a pre-treatment to avoid saturation of the water and finally, rotting.


At APM Servicios Náuticos we know that to have a perfect and caring boat, we must dedicate special care and attention. Above all, if the boat is made of wood since varnishing is the most important treatment in this type of surface.


For a good maintenance of the wood it is important the use of a varnish that provides an integral protection, the replacement of those planks that are broken or have suffered some deterioration in order to avoid water leaks and undesirable scares while you are sailing.

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