APM Servicios Náuticos - About us

At APM Servicios Náuticos you will find the best boat painter in Mallorca. We put at your disposal a team of experts with extensive experience in the treatment of painting of yachts, boats and all types of craft of professional character and we offer you, from our base Balear in Palmanova (Mallorca) a list of repairing treatments  that will guarantee the durability and the maintenance of your boat.


The painting of a ship is key for the conservation of the ship since the contact with the saltpeter of the sea and the water as well as the crashes against the waves make the painting, in the long term, jump and therefore, diminish the showiness of a boat and age much faster.


Painting a boat, therefore, is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of security. Therefore, it is important that the color does not deteriorate quickly and the control of excess moisture in the boat through the application of special paints.


At APM Servicios Náuticos we take care of your boat as if it were ours. Our goal is to deliver your boat completely restored, as if it were new. Our team of experts offers a specialized painting service and among the treatments offered, we highlight the wood, finishing paint, polishing, paint booth and antifouling treatments.


In addition, we paint pieces that are inside the boat, to get a better finish. We guarantee, as an addition, a complete technical advice regarding the care of your boat and we ensure the use of the best materials to achieve a professional and exquisite finish.

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