APM Servicios Náuticos - Finishing paint treatments

At APM Servicios Náuticos we are experts in finishing treatments for boats in Mallorca. Among the products that we apply, there is antifouling paint and marine paints, whose application achieves more resistance to moisture and prevents further deterioration that involves the constant contact of boats with the sea.


We also offer special paints for finishes such as synthetic enamels - fast drying and simple application - and polyurethanes - which guarantee high performance and better preserve the brightness and color of the boat.


It is convenient to know how to choose the best finish. You have to take into account the results you want to get in addition to choosing the type of process you want - more elaborate or simpler - and the type of paint you want to use.


You will have to choose the material according to some parameters such as durability, brightness, resistance to rubbing and impact, protection against UV rays, flexibility, application -simple or not-, if it is a particularly suitable finishing paint for wooden boats, the application time - if it is limited or there is a wide margin - and the chemical resistance, among other keys.


To begin with the painting of finishing of a boat it is also convenient to take into account the drying and curing times since it is important to control humidity, temperature and that there is the possibility of adequate ventilation to evaporate the solvents and the different vapors of the products used.


Come and see our facilities and our extensive catalog of finishing treatments for boats in Mallorca. It will not disappoint you.

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