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At APM Servicios Náuticos we are experts in antifouling treatments in Mallorca. Antifouling is an antifouling paint that extends the useful life of the boat and is usually applied at the end of the nautical season, because it is right at that moment, when the boats are taken out of the water for maintenance and when the need is felt. to descale the helmet and then detach everything that has been stuck in this part of the boat, always submerged and in permanent contact with the water.


It is, during this work, when the rest of antifouling of a previously applied layer is also eliminated, so it is convenient to apply a new treatment of this type. This kind of painting is achieved with a resin, some pigment that gives color and several added products that are getting them to eliminate mollusks, barnacles, shipworms, snails, algae and other types of microorganisms. Millions of them live in the sea and can end up adhering to the pipes, propellers, rudders and sea intakes as well as in the refrigeration circuits of the boat.


Antifouling treatments are also applied after repairing and disinfecting the network. Therefore, among the benefits of application of this descaling product highlights the reduction of maintenance costs in the work of changing the net on the ship and in general, a reduction in the cost of repairs. Above all, it is beneficial because it lengthens the useful life of networks and improves their quality.


But, in addition, it can create a barrier to stop the corrosion of the hull, if it were metallic, improve the hydrodynamics of racing boats and the flow of water in fishing boats.

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