Treatments for boats in Mallorca


In APM Servicios Náuticos we specialize in boat treatments in Mallorca, ensuring professionalism and maximum care in the finish. Our philosophy is to get the best finish for your boat, committing ourselves to offer the highest quality so that our customers are delighted with the result.


We adapt to the tastes of each client and offer the possibility of advising you, if you wish, when painting the boat or applying the most convenient treatment to your boat so that the result is what the client expects.


At APM Servicios Náuticos, headquartered in Palmanova, in the Balearic town of Mallorca, we offer a wide range of treatments for yachts, sailboats, boats and other types of boats, such as paint for boats, painted finish, polished for boats, maintenance and boat repair, paint booth, antifouling treatments and wood treatments.


Our company offers our customers all our experience and knowledge in the nautical sector to perform any of these services to repair your boat and is ready to sail again, as the first day.


Our training allows us to offer maintenance, repair and improvement services. We are open to the needs of the client. We will give you the most appropriate and optimal solution for your boat. We have all the solutions for your boat because we know that the care of the ship is important, because we know that you want it to look like new and have a great durability.


If you need a professional and serious company to ensure complete maintenance of your boat, contact us.

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