APM Servicios Náuticos - Polishing treatments

In APM Servicios Náuticos we take care of the polishing treatment of boats in Mallorca in a professional way. We provide our clients with solutions for their boats, whether they are recreational or fishing. We guarantee the best finish and the use of top brand materials to achieve quality at work and a very durable result.


We adapt to the tastes of our customers. Your satisfaction is our first objective. That's why we treat your ships as if they were ours. That is why we also apply the treatment that the boat needs most, but always taking into account its criteria. We want your boat to look like new, bright and with a premiere appearance.


The polishing treatment consists of polishing and polishing the helmet. It is necessary to remove the remains of dirt, dust, from areas that may be burned by UV rays. You also have to repair scratches - if there were any - and balance tones-in case of working with wood.


Among the products used is the gelcoat, which has among its benefits the embellishment of the helmet and its protection against external environmental factors that gradually degrade this part of the ship.


Remember that a good maintenance will allow you to extend the life of your yacht or fishing boat, it will save you fuel and possible repair costs.


In addition, a well-polished helmet improves efficiency and will give shine and protection to your helmet, in the same way that it will guarantee a higher speed so you can enjoy the pleasure of sailing.

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